Canton, in just over a minute

Here is a (very basic – please be kind!) video describing Canton in around a minute and a half.

How would you describe Canton in, say, just over one sentence?


5 thoughts on “Canton, in just over a minute

  1. Great vid!
    I think the areas that people locally call Pontcanna, Victoria Park andThompsons Park are all part of Canton – it really IS that diverse!

    Canton has been relatively untouched for the last 50 years with the only (major) developments being ‘Canton Court’ just behind The Admiral Napier pub and The West Lee flats near the old St Davids Hospital. Otherwise all original buildings are intact and the place hasnt changed that much.

    I quite like the way that over the last 10 years it has been predicted that local high streets will die as out of town developments and the internet take over – but in total contrast there are only a handful of empty shops along Cowbridge Road.

    It is such a fantastic part of Cardiff and people may argue that Roath/Cathays is just as good or better but those areas are let down by the huge student population!
    If you want to experience true Cardiff – come to Canton!


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  3. I’ve known Canton all my life and lived there for some of it. I went to school for two years in the building that is now Chapter, when it was in transition from the old Canton High and went by the romantic name of Market Road High School. I even remember making a study of Cowbridge Road East as a shopping centre back in 1971 for my geography A-level fieldwork, and yet I had no idea who Mr Thompson of Thompson’s Park was and hadn’t realised that Canna was a saint – and a female one at that. Diolch, Betsan, for giving so much interesting information so succinctly!

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