The One Mile Bakery

For some time now I’d been picking up aromatic rumours and tales of The One Mile Bakery circulating in Canton. These telling snippets of information – delicious golden loaves, succulent jams, heart-warming soups – were so tantalising as to make me all but helpless to follow my nose and find out more.

bread bakery Canton Cardiff

The One Mile Bakery specialises in wholesome artisan bread

The One Mile Bakery, to those of us not already in the know, is a kitchen in Cardiff which delivers, on a subscription basis, bread parcels once a week. Though customers choose their preferred types of bread beforehand (or a combination of bread, soup and condiment), each parcel is essentially a surprise, with seasonal ingredients sourced and foraged locally to create the selection. These packages are delivered by bike within a one-mile radius of the kitchen, to Llandaff, Pontcanna and Canton.

When I speak with Elisabeth, founder of The One Mile Bakery (launched May 14 last year), she has just finished hosting a day workshop in bread-making, another service OMB provides, and is settling down to a long awaited glass of wine. However, respite is brief in the world of this baker, as she tells me she will later on this evening be at it again, baking well into the night.

Elisabeth Mahoney delivering bread in Cardiff

A busy Elisabeth Mahoney delivering bread

Elisabeth is a busy woman. An ex full-time journalist, and theatre critic on the side, she gave up her two jobs, one at the Guardian and the other as lecturer at Swansea University, in order to finally set up a business that had long been in the foreground of her mind. Always a passionate cook, and often the food writer left behind observing and extracting additional information from the chefs, Elisabeth set up The One Mile Bakery with the view of it being a one, or two, day a week hobby business.

Within one minute of the OMB website going live, however, Elisabeth had already received orders, and it hasn’t stopped since. Subscriptions are now put on a waiting list, though Elisabeth carefully navigates the delivery route in order to incorporate as many as possible. Elisabeth also runs a range of courses, from the basics of bread-making to sourdough-baking, which aren’t limited to those in the one-mile radius, allowing people to learn how to make the very same bread that she herself delivers.

An OMB beetroot soup recipe was recently featured in and on the front cover of the Guardian’s new food supplement, Cook, the first piece of UK-wide coverage that the bakery has received, something which has tickled Elisabeth, coming coincidentally from her previous employer.

beetroot soup guardian cook

OMB’s beetroot soup graced the cover of the Guardian’s Cook supplement

The larger part of OMB’s clientele is in Canton, and Elisabeth was surprised to see that many more young people now choose to spend their income on homemade food, a trend that seems to be rising steadily across all generations.

“It’s so pleasing and heartening that people will support local businesses,” says Elisabeth. “I think it’s important that it’s local, and about getting to know the person who makes the food. After all,” she adds, “I’m just one woman in her kitchen.”

jam one mile bakery

Soon after The One Mile Bakery launched its service, Cardiff food blogger Bev of Eats for Wales wrote a review of a month-long subscription to the kitchen’s delights. Read it and crave.

All pictures used (bar Elisabeth in action) are courtesy of Huw Jones photography; all rights reserved


January 2013 in Canton

What’s been going on since the start of a new year?

  1. @natashr everyone (well, two people) seems to rave about Thai Touch in Canton.
  2. Pitch looking perfect for a crunch match blues U16 vrs dragons U16 playing at canton again as ebbw under snow
  3. @ILovesTheDiff the dog that was lost last night has been reunited with his owner. Maybe he had been chasing a Canton a Hot Tin Roof?!
  4. The Butchers in #Canton has been awarded @brainsbrewery beer pub of the year. 54% of their total volume is Brains!
  5. This is the kind of idiotic parking in roundabouts we see from some people on match day in canton/Leckwith @swpolice
  6. The sessions are conducted by Master Porl Stone & both adults & kids welcome to train. Tuesdays & Thursdays @ Canton Community Hall #Cardiff
  7. There was a bloke riding a motorbike on the pavement in Canton just then.
  8. Looking for a tenant for a ground floor flat in #Canton #Cardiff – 2 mins from Chapter. Any takers?
  9. “@Betsan: Just spotted a fox strolling through Canton. #cheekyfox” < sdim ffycin llonydd i ga’l, os e!
  10. We’ve just had our patches allocated, I’m going to be covering #Canton, #Llandaff and #LandaffNorth
  11. Back in City Hall for the 1st time in 2013. This morning, #cdflicensing. See what’s being discussed at the meeting here….
  12. A charity supporting people with alcohol problems needs #volunteers in Canton. Contact us for details
  13. Clouds &#55357;&#56847;&#55357;&#56396; #Sky #View #Canton #Blue #Sunny #Bright #Pictureoftheday #Funky
  14. I made a great fire tonight. Not only was it cwtchy warm, but it made my bit of Canton smell GOOD. I know, ‘cos I went outside to sniff it.

Goodbye Christmas, hello January

The tree and its decorations are on their way down here in Canton, ready to fully welcome January, and a new start with a new year.

Santa Christmas Nadolig

My new year’s resolution is to find out more about what Canton has to offer: what gigs are happening in the new year (first stop is the upcoming concert by community choir Canton Chorus, at my favourite venue, St John’s Church); the new food offerings in the area (which has to include a re-visit to the fantastically delicious Bangkok Cafe on Cowbridge Road East); finding out where the best exercise classes are (a must after the five thousandth Ferrero Rocher).

Christmas pudding

What are your new year’s resolutions? Would you like to see anything new happening in Canton?

Likely Story at Chapter

The end of the holiday season? A Likely Story

Beat any turkey come-down with a trip to Chapter this evening, where Likely Story will be in residence to grab audiences and hurl them deep into a world of fantasy and monsters, in which storytelling and humour blend with puppetry and circus skills to create A Monster Christmas Adventure.

A Monster Christmas Adventure, courtesy of One Glass Eye Photographer

Likely Story perform A Monster Christmas Adventure, courtesy of One Glass Eye Photographer

This post-Christmas show tells the story of Amy, a girl whose holiday wish is that her step-father would disappear. But when he does just that, she finds she will battle her way through a myriad of monsters to get him back, wading through impossible landscapes of stinky swamp and icy tundra.

Likely Story, a Cardiff theatre group established by three women, spin their creative yarns with and within different communities to bring vivid and energetic professional performances to all kinds of stages. A Monster Christmas Adventure was developed through a series of creative workshops with children at Adamsdown Primary School in Cardiff, before being scripted by acclaimed playwright Louise Osborn. The show is performed to a newly commissioned musical score by composer Tom Elstob.

The show will be performed at Chapter this evening, as well as on Friday and Saturday the 28th and 29th of December. Suitable for big and small monsters and adventurers alike.

Christmas at The Lansdowne

The Lansdowne pub in Cardiff

The newly refurbished Lansdowne pub in Canton, courtesy of Owen Mathias

There aren’t many activities that are more festive than a merry get-together at your local pub, with good company and a nibble or two.

Here cometh in The Lansdowne pub in Canton, recently refurbished and offering a Christmassy treat this Saturday in the form of a festive sing-song and a cake competition.

Llamau choir, made up of members of the Llamau homelessness charity which aids vulnerable women and young people across Wales, will be at The Lansdowne pub at 4:30pm this Saturday to perform to visitors.

A Christmas cake competition will also be held at the pub, where participants are asked to deliver their creations before 5 o’clock, where they will then be judged by the Llamau choir themselves. In true Christmas/pub spirit, the best cake will receive a gallon of beer.

Entry to the event will be £5, donated to the Llamau charity.

Below are some pictures of the pub’s spruced-up interior and exterior, courtesy of fantastic Cardiff-based photographer Owen Mathias.

Lansdowne pub cardiff canton

The freshly painted interior of The Lansdowne

Lansdowne Pub CardiffLansdowne pub canton

After renovation and some TLC from the same owners of The Potted Pig in Cardiff centre, the pub re-opened its doors on Thursday the 29th of November.